We Repair all Windows Style Computers

PCWorx repairs a variety of problems on your computer. Anything from software errors, to slow computer, or hardware that is failing or that has already failed. Also backup of data if required.

These days with many versions of MS Windows, there are a million and one problems that can occur with your software. Errors range from small error messages to the “Windows wont start” type of error.

Every day there are new errors turning up. With new errors, there are new challenges.

PCWorx can fix your computer. No error is impossible to fix and no piece of hardware can not be replaced.
If we can’t fix your computer there will be no charge. It has never happened yet and we don’t see it happening.

If we do a backup, What happens?

When we do a backup of your data on your hard drive we can not save any programs that are installed on the computer, as these days, programs are installed over a few different directories. BUT we can save the data created by those programs.( I.E. Documents and emails etc)
We will need the original software to reinstall on your newly formatted hard drive. If you can’t provide the original software we can not replace the software. If you’ve misplaced or did not receive the software when you purchased the computer you’re required to contact that person/company to obtain new software. We can replace the software buy purchasing a new version for you. ( You will be given the Disc’s when we return your PC) Any extra time spent on this issue will be charged at the going hourly rate.

A straight Format and reload of Windows ( no other software is reloaded) is a flat rate of $88 and is done in workshop and not on-site – if it is to be done on-site the hourly rate applies. This can take anywhere from 1.5hrs to several hours or longer!

Description of backup’s and typical prices – irregularities may cost extra

· Full backup of files on computer (Typical cost $220)

HDD is removed from your PC and placed into a workshop computer, all data is moved onto the workshop PC. Once the backup is complete, your hard drive is then returned to your computer, it’s formatted and reloaded with all supplied software. Generally this is Windows and any other software you have supplied. The backup files are then copied back to the your newly loaded hard drive into a folder on the desktop called backup.

Further clarification of this can be done before any work commences. Remember, PCWorx takes every care over your data, but sometimes due to problems beyond our control, there could be errors. This will be explained before this sort of job is done.